Avogel Tribe



"The Flint People"

The Avogel tribe of louisiana

For many years people have been requesting information on the Avogel Tribe of La. One day, one of the members of the Tribal Council recommended that I write a site about the Tribe for the Tribe. In this way, when others who were interested in the tribe wanted information, they could purchase a copy of the site and learn whatever they wanted to know. After sifting through 8 or 10 file drawers of documentation gleaned from the Universities of Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Arkansas, I put the information I felt would be of most interest to the public into this site. The Tribal Council has already informed me that they suggest that a second volume be printed in the near future that contains some of the valuable information from the files that were not put into this work. Volume 2 will be forthcoming in the near future.


Chief John "Sitting Bear" Mayeux

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